Our framework is employed using

Your People and Our Processes and Toolsuite


You are the Experts in your business,
You are the Leaders in your industry, and
You are the Key to implementing Innovation.

Innovations are managed through our Copyrighted

InnoSpecting Management Tool

Which Allows Executives to Glean Information at a Glance, or Deep-dive into a Project.

We offer a variety of

Package Offerings

That are Tailored to Fit your Needs and your Budget.

Introductory Package

Designed for companies on a budget
  • Week long introduction to framework and toolset
  • Free follow up Organizational Assessment
  • Lifetime usage rights to the current version of the framework and toolset

Reinvention Package

Everything in the Base Package, PLUS:
  • Coaching assistance throughout the first year, ensuring successful adoption of the framework
  • Lifetime usage rights any updates to the framework or toolset made within that year
  • 5 FREE Accounts to the Innovation Community during the first year

Lifetime Package

Everything in the Reinvention Package, PLUS:
  • Lifetime usage rights to any framework and toolset updates
  • Lifetime access rights to all IP created by Ever Evolving
  • 10 FREE LIFETIME Accounts to the Innovation Community

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